Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga is a gentle practice to help nourish, love and accept our bodies, to listen to them and discover how to promote and sustain our health. Each class is designed to tone and strengthen the body, to release physical and mental tension and develop concentration, self-awareness and harmony within. Students are encouraged to move gently and slowly, co-ordinating the breath and the movement which brings them towards stillness and peace.   There is no call for over-exertion, straining the body or competing with others. Everyone is welcome, just as they are.

Sinéad has worked in Art and Design for many years. She has also worked as a Special Needs Assistant with Primary School children. She has been practicing Yoga for seven years. She has trained in India as a yoga teacher and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Email – Loveyogaclasses@gmail.com

Phone – 087 995 2637

Facebook – Love Yoga


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