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Yoga classes in Galway city, retreats, workshops and beyond.


Yin & Tonic workshop 4Th February '18


kenneth Barrett

kenneth Barrett


" I've been interested in yoga for quite a while but have never found the classes that were a "fit" for me. i like the sound of Almu's classes and decide to try them out.

Since I started, I have found my body a lot more balanced.

These classes are great fun, stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Almu is great teacher, and I feel really safe during the classes.

I would say to anybody thinking about joining these classes to give it a go, I've tried lots of different classes but these are the best.It is great fun and you will develope new awareness about yourself, plus met some great people."



software engineer

"Starting yoga has helped me focus better on my body with a “lighter” head far from my everyday worries, the quality of my sleep has improved, and I can master better how to deal with tension. What I like best about our classes are Almudena's good mood, sense of humour, patience, care and excellent teaching skills. Almudena's evening classes are the best laid back yoga environment in Galway to feel refreshed and relaxed :)"


CARMEL TULLY, Office administrator

“I have been taking Almudena's Classes for 5 weeks and Love them! I've tried yoga before but always gave up as I didn't understand the positions. Almu explains every position clearly and caters to all levels of fitness.
The classes are extremely relaxing & fun!!! 100% recommend Almu's classes :-)”



Manager, salt restaurant

When I started yoga with Almu 3 years ago,I was really stiff and most of the postures were for me a big challenge. I improved a lot since and I can hold most of the postures longer and a way better. I usually go to yoga classes after work, and I am often tired and sometimes very lazy but I'm always so glad I made it during and after the class, I always leave filled with energy! I recommend Almu's classes to verybody and to give it a real try"

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